BUS496 University of La Verne Initial Financial Analysis

Business Finance

This is an individual project. Go to the Capsim home page, select “industry results” from the left side of the screen, then, “reports” then “Capstone Courier” to find your company’s statistics. The financial analysis will be using the number from Round 0. Use ratios from your text, pgs C9-C14, to tell me if this is a healthy company. Do NOT use all the ratios for your report, 3 to 5 of them is fine if you can build a solid case from them. Use these ratios to build your case in the examination of your company and to back up your statements on the health of your company in your report. You must show the equation and the numbers you used to calculate your ratios. What strengths do you intend to build on? What needs to be improved? To be submitted in the Assignment area in Blackboard through SafeAssign. Minimum 2 pgs. The ratios for DSO and Inventory Turnover Rate are not allowed, since you cannot calculate them with the information given to you by the simulation.

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