BSL4060 Columbia Southern Employee Code of Conduct Discussion Response

Business Finance

Please respond to my classmate responses below:

If I owned a small business I would create an employee code of conduct as I was creating the business. David & David, (2017), state, “Good business ethics is a prerequisite for strategic management”. In order to have a sound strategy for creating and maintaining a successful business, an ethical code of conduct is necessary. Every decision a business makes, has consequences that can either hinder or excel an organization (David & David, 2017). Anytime an employee acts irresponsibility, the social blowback will spread like wildfire, especially in today’s digital age.

Another aspect to consider as an added bonus to writing a code of conduct is the amount of capital for the start up of the business can increase. Small businesses usually require loans from lenders who want to see a comprehensive business plan, which should include a code of ethics (SBA, n.d.). Lenders want to see how a business will be managed, and showing that the employees will participate in ethical practices gives piece of mind to the lenders that the institution will be able to pay back their loans in the long run.

My code of conduct will be similar to the ethics I learned in the military. The business will be honest, trustworthy, refuse to discriminate, show commitment to the vender’s and customers, and give back to the community (David & David, 2017). These are the basis that I live my life every day, and believe that if businesses followed these practices, then there would be no need for shaming, lawsuits, and loss of loyal patrons.


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