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two essay questions

Business Finance Please answer the following two essay questions and submit in a word or excel: 1. A critic recently claimed that hedge funds cause market volatility to increase when they publicize (and document) that a public corporation exaggerated its earnings. The critic argued that hedge funds should not be allowed to make such public […]

sales and meeting quiz

Business Finance QUESTION 1 Find the website of a Convention and Visitors Bureau of a second-tier city. Answer the questions below.1. What is the name of the city? Include the link to the website2. How easy/difficult is it for meeting planners to navigate the site in search of information about meetings? Explain and provide some […]

Motivation Theories Essay 3 pages

Business Finance Using the motivation theories, explain either your best, or your worst workplace experience in terms of motivation. Go in detail and provide information on your boss, work, context, environment etc. that affected your motivation. How and why did the situation lead you to perform at your best? Alternatively, how and why did you […]

Assessing Risk

Business Finance For this assignment, you will write a minimum two-page paper (not including APA title or references pages) in which you discuss the risk types and trends associated with a publicly traded entity in the financial sector. In this paper, please address the following questions: What company did you choose? What are the market […]