Attn Catherine Owens This the assignment 1 Using the Memo format write a memo providing your professional 2024

Can anyone do this assisgnment

Attn Catherine Owens This the assignment 1 Using the Memo format write a memo providing your professional

Attn: Catherine Owens

This the assignment

1. Using the Memo format, write a memo providing your professional judgment about the following scenario (up to two pages this time): Your agency has a policy to serve clients for the duration covered by insurance, which is 6 sessions over 3 months. After that, clients can stay on as long as they can cover the entire amount per session, which is $75. Most clients cannot afford this amount. The average client makes 133% of the Federal Poverty Level (around $25,000 per year for a family of 3), so they can probably afford some co-pay but no one can afford the entire $75 each time. As it stands right now, no clients are being served longer than 3 months. Based on conversations you have had with clients, seeing some clients “cycle” back into services after things get worse for them, and doing a preliminary data analysis, you strongly believe that at least some clients need more than 6 sessions over 3 months to be successful. Describe the situation, including 1-2 paragraphs on your data analysis (make up the data but outline your process), talk about pros/cons, and provide your professional judgment. Think about your audience and how to craft a compelling argument to them – the agency’s Board of Directors. 2. You are a community worker who has just been hired by a nonprofit serving a community you are not familiar with. Your job is to get a program up and running in 6 months. The nonprofit has a $100,000 budget for two years of this new program (6 months of planning and 18 months of running/executing the program), not including your salary. In two to three pages, describe the process you would undertake to research, design, and run this program. 3. Using one paragraph for each, describe the following concepts and also the context in which they are applicable to macro practice (how each is useful and why it is important): a. Community and neighborhood conceptual frameworks b. Community asset mapping c. Advocacy and empowerment techniques d. Techniques to assess and solve ethical dilemmas e. Utilizing professional skills in planning and conducting meetings within groups, organizations and communities 4. Provide a one-page self-reflection on how you plan to incorporate macro skills and knowledge into your professional practice, whether you plan to go into micro, mezzo, or macro. Be specific and use concepts you learned during this semester. What insights have you gained, what skills do you think will be most useful, and what are further learning objectives you will set for yourself?