assignment with two question n management of technology course

Question 1 – From the below listed companies, select any two and on the basis of your research, elucidate what new standards, measures and policies adopted by the company (minimum 2 each) played a major role in helping it to reach high environmental quality.


2) Nike

3) Seventh Generation

4) Panasonic 5) IBM

6) Unilever

7) Allergan

8) Patagonia

9) Adobe

Question 2 – Develop a hypothetical technological company of your own choice in any field
which follows the concept of ‘Sustainable Development’. Draw an outline of your company’s basic fields of operation and explain how it makes use of various sustainable techniques for its development. (Minimum 3 elements of Sustainable Development should be present in your company’s techniques.)

  • Word Limit – Minimum 350 words for each question.

mention their references and sources

WORD format & using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. use the same upload file

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