Assignment: Recovering from schizophrenia

Assignment: Recovering from schizophrenia

Assignment: Recovering from schizophrenia

Assignment: Recovering from schizophrenia.



# 1.66

(1 pts.) Martha is a recovering from schizophrenia. She has been taking high doses of antipsychotic medications for a very long period of time and has begun to experience uncontrollable movements of her mouth and tongue that make her appear as if she were chewing food in a very exaggerated way.

Tardive dyskinesia

A) tardive dyskinesia.

B) Parkinson’s disease.

C) Graves’ disease.

D) Tourette’s syndrome.

# 1.67

(1 pts.) Judy has schizophrenia and walks around the hospital ward constantly rubbing her hands together and twisting her hair for no apparent reason. This behavior is illustrative of

Catatonic excitement

A) catatonic excitement.

B) catatonic stupor.

C) catatonic rigidity.

D) residual catatonia.


# 1.68

(1 pts.) Jerry has schizophrenia, but no single symptom seems to be dominant in his case. He exhibits a variety of symptoms such as disturbances in sense of self, stereotyped movements, flat affect, and delusional thinking. Jerry might be diagnosed as having which type of schizophrenia?

A) catatonic

B) disorganized


C) hebephrenic

D) undifferentiated

# 1.69

(1 pts.) Ellen has forsaken the religious beliefs of her own mainstream upbringing and has started to adhere to the strange delusional religious beliefs of her very dominant husband, who believes that he is the direct descendant of an ancient Greek god. She now has no qualms about her husband sleeping with other women since, according to her husband’s interpretation of the Bible, it is a man’s given right.

Psychotic disorder

A) a brief psychotic disorder.

B) shared psychotic disorder.

C) schizoaffective disorder.

D) delusional disorder, jealous type.


# 1.70

(1 pts.) The case of the Genain quadruplets, who developed schizophrenia, provided evidence regarding the

A) difference between the paranoid and disorganized types of schizophrenia.

B) role of dopamine in development of schizophrenia.

C) interaction of genetic and environmental factors in the development of schizophrenia.


D) cross-fostering of schizophrenic traits among siblings.

# 1.71

(1 pts.) Why might it be difficult to utilize psychological methods to treat a client with schizophrenia in the active phase of the disorder?

A) During the active phase, many individuals with schizophrenia need to be restrained because of violent outbursts.

B) During the active phase, the individual is very much out of touch with reality and may not respond to reason.

C) During the active phase, the individual is so exhausted from the intensity of the symptoms that it is difficult to stay awake. ‘

D) During the active phase, the personality changes experienced by the people with schizophrenia are very rapid.

# 1.72

(1 pts.) Dr. Carson defines sexual deviations as

A) practices and behaviors that are of harm to the individual or to others.

Society considers normal

B) aberrations from what society considers normal.

C) behaviors diverging from a common biological pathway for human sexual behavior.

D) societal taboos.

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