Assesing Legal Resources

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1. 14th Amendment – Black History –, (2018),… (last visited Feb 14, 2018).

2. Brown-v-Board-of-Education-of-Topeka, (2018),… (last visited Feb 14, 2018).

3. Brown v. Board of Education, Oyez (2018), (last visited Feb 14, 2018).

For each of the citations, read through their webpages and honestly assess their respective qualitative value as academic resources based on whether it contains:

– broad generalizations, pinpointed information, or somewhere in-between;

– up-to-date information;

– information that is helpful for expanding readers’ knowledge of the subject;

– consistently accurate facts;

– clearly identified distinctions between purported facts and assumptions;

– language at the right level for those who are most likely going to use its information;

– grammatical or spelling errors;

– obvious biases;

– comprehensive review of other resources on the same subject;

– accurate citations;

– author contact information;

– author credentials that validate expertise;

– reputable publisher;

– reliable organizational sponsorship;

– peer review (especially blind peer review);

Based on your assessment, assign each one of the three resources that you selected a letter grade (e.g., A, B, C, D, or F) and explain why you rated it as such.

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