Apple Inc. and how they conduct international business.

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This assignment is was a power point and 10 page paper assignment. I have already completed the powerpoint (which I will attach for reference). I will also attach the the layout in which the paper should be written. This assignment is about the apple company, a little background information on the company, how they conduct international business, any problems they encounter in other nations or even this nation. Be sure to include “Foxconn” the company they use to outsource their manufacturing located in china. Any major legal issues apple has encountered from international business and from competitors like Samsung. The outline I attached provides the layout of the powerpoint, but you can use the same sequence for the paper. (The powerpoint is supposed to help you organize your paper when writing.) I will also attach the powerpoint I submitted but I am missing some information on it like “Foxconn” and other material you may encounter.

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