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answer APPLE case for those questions Your answer should be found in apple’s newest 10K. All the information you write must be the lately information. first: must for apple newest 10-k item 1,1A, and 7. and apple inc. Financial and Strategic Analysis Review (those document i will give you) second: use simple English. do not copy the questions on the paper. it is for oral panel, so be simple and easy words to explain the answer which you give me on each questions. finally: must give the key points, and explain the why. and give me page number which page you find the each answer and which paragraph, i need specific. follow those questions:

Panel Research & Preparation

  • What is the management structure? Who are the important players? Their respective roles? How are specific individuals ties to the company’s success? What is unique about their management structure? What are the problems in their management structure?
  • What other lines of business does this company have? How important are they to their overall success? What impact do they have on their bottom line?
  • How much market-share does this company have? What is the trend?
  • What significant Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, or Threats does this company face? What are they doing to mitigate Weaknesses or Threats? Capitalize upon Strengths or Opportunities?
  • What barriers to entry exist in this company’s industry? How weak or strong are they?
  • Can this company’s products be easily replaced?
  • Do suppliers to this company have strong bargaining power or not? How does this impact the company’s success? Strategic decisions?
  • What are the company’s current sales figures? Trends?
  • In which markets is your company most successful? Least successful? Why?
  • Is this a solvent company? The trend?
  • Would you buy stock in this company? Why or why not?
  • What are your strategic recommendations for this company? What should they do in the future to gain amore competitive edge?
  • Who are the key rivals for this company? Direct competitors? Indirect competitors? How much market-share are they capable of taking?
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