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Business Finance

  • New technologies and social media sites allow large numbers of amateur individuals to post online with little or no “gatekeepers” or filters. Tweets, Facebook posts, and blogs are not fact-checked when they are posted on social media platforms. Misinformation is circulated across social media. The following are articles about fake news and misinformation.
  •…… write a report about misinformation/fake news and social media platforms (2 or 3 pages, single spacing, 12 font size). More specifically, you want to answer the following questions.
    1. How does misinformation influence public opinions? (30 points)
    2. How does misinformation affect organizations? (30 points)
    3. How to stop the dissemination of misinformation/fake news? (20 points)
    4. Any other important issues of misinformation or other impacts that you want to comment on? (20 points)

    Please discuss those questions in your report and submit it on Blackboard by the due date. You need to cite your references in your report.

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