Answer the following questions then reply back to the post I’ll be sending when done

Business Finance

Please reflect on what you did for this class prior to taking the midterm, and answer these questions:

  • A) Have you given your best effort to master the material?
  • B) If not, what are you going to change to step it up for the next exam? If you did give it your best effort, do you need to make any adjustments to the activities in which you applied your efforts?

Now please watch this TED Talk by Angela Duckworth, and answer these questions:

  • C) What did you think of what Ms. Duckworth had to say?
  • D) Do you believe that your brain can actually change shape and respond as you apply effort and try to learn? It is true, and it means that almost any academic setbacks you experience are just temporary, and that you can overcome your challenges with grit.

After responding to these 4 questions, please comments on the response of at least 1 classmate.

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