analysis of a poetic work

Write a 700-800 word typed essay on one of the following topics.

This essay must be logically organized, grammatically correct, clearly and precisely worded and sufficiently supported with quotations and/or details from the work. It should also provide a comprehensive analysis of the issue in question, and any literary analysis should eventually lead to an explanation of the theme of the work. Make a claim about the poem and support it with specific details. Your essay does not have to answer all of the questions listed with the topic nor does it have to be structured by them. The questions are there to prompt your thought processes about the poem.
Your essay must be in standard essay format and based on your own ideas; research is not necessary. If you do use material from secondary sources, then you must use MLA format for your citations. Be sure to double space your essays, number your pages, use Times New Roman 12 font, include your name, my name, the class, the essay number, and the date in the top, left corner of the first page as outlined by MLA and center the title above the beginning of the essay. If you would like to write on a topic other than those provided, you may do so, but you must have the instructor’s approval.

1. Discuss the use of imagery and/or symbolism to present theme in one of the sonnets.
2. Choose one of Keats’ odes and explain how it is a Romantic poem. Use the criteria of Romanticism.
3. Characterize the speaker and the scene he creates in one of the dramatic monologue poems. How is the character revealed; how do you know what you do about the speaker?
4. Discuss some aspect or theme in one of Frost’s poems.

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