Albany State University Marketing Electric Cars Questions Response

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Driver-less cars were expected to be available for sale in 2020, and Google, Ford and Nissan were among several businesses planning to compete in driver-less car segment of the automobile market. However, there has been a dramatic shift among car makers around the world. A number of car makers have modified their plans and are now investing heavily in developing electric cars. In Iast 200 words, respond to the following questions:

1. Describe at least four challenges or obstacles that car makers have to contend with in developing and marketing electric cars.

2. Describe at least four reasons why car makers are investing in developing electric cars.

3. What is the most effective way to differentiate the electric car?

4. Describe at least likely target markets for electric cars.

5. What is the likelihood that cars will succeed? Please explain.

Please explain your answers for each of the questions. Please use the APA style to list at least four references. Please read Chapter 12 and include it as one of your references.

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