A1 Business and Technical Communication Theories & Concepts Feedback Project

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Receiving Feedback Project

Length: 3-5 pages

References: APA or MLA; 3 sources


  • In order to be a competent communicator, it is important to understand how other individuals view us and our intentions. This project aims at understanding relational dynamics in more depth – by learning from our significant others how they perceive us, and in turn how that creates the social dimensions within these relationships.


  1. You will choose 5 people in various aspects of your life (home, school, work, social, etc.) to fill out a survey about you.
    • You must ask these individuals to be completely honest with you. Allow them time to answer the survey in private and instruct them to give the responses back to you on paper or electronically (you will be required to turn in their surveys along with your essay).
    • Once you receive the surveys back, you will read them over individually, to process the information and then host a conversation with the person who gave you feedback. Ask any clarifying questions you have, but try not to be defensive in listening to their opinions.
  2. You will write an essay synthesizing your experience of completing this feedback activity.
    • Some guiding questions for your essay are listed below. Please remember these questions are to help you build the flow of your essay – they are not meant as a checklist to answer in completing your essay requirements. Your essay should be cohesive and follow proper formatting – introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Essay Grading Criteria

  • Your essay should be 3-5 pages in length, follow proper APA or MLA structure (your choice), typed, double spaced with 1” margins.
  • 3 outside sources that explain or describe the communication theories and concepts chosen must be cited in the outline using in-text citations as well as on an attached reference/works cited list.
  • The theories or concepts must be explained and described in detail within the essay and connect to the activity.
  • Your essay should be free of grammar errors, be in complete sentence structure, and coherent organization of thoughts and ideas.
  • Appendix (worth 10 points of assignment grade)
    • You will need to attach the 5 surveys from your participants to the back of your essay. If individuals wish to remain anonymous on their survey forms, you are free to change individual names or have them redacted at your discretion.
    • The attached material does not count toward the 3-5 page requirement.

Guiding Questions for Essay

You are not required to answer all these questions, but use them as guiding questions to organize the writing of your essay. In other words, you should not just answer each of the questions below, or run through the list of interview answers, but critically analyze the entire experience, and organize your paper into specific or prominent themes. 
  • Apply the notion of “perception” to this experiment.
    • Describe the perception process:
      • How did each person seem to “select” information about you
      • how did each person seem to “organize” the information they selected (e.g., what prototypes do you think that they compare you to, did they seem to use a stereotype, etc.)
      • How did they seem to interpret you — connect to attribution theory (e.g., I think that they see me as being stable with the trait of being “late” because…)
    • How did the perceptions of “you” vary from your point of view to the individuals you received feedback from. Why do you think they varied?
  • How did it feel getting their responses but not being able to defend or explain yourself? Did time to process their responses help or hinder your feelings about the information you received?
  • How did this experiment affect your self concept or self esteem? Define the terms to help explain.
  • Did you expect them to answer this way or were the responses a surprise? What aspects of their responses did you agree with? Which ones did you need clarification or explanation on?
  • What do you think the communication climate in these relationships are? How did this process of feedback and communication help or hinder the climate?
  • What did you find most affirming about yourself after completing this project?
  • What did you learn about yourself?


Thank You.

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