a stupid media blog just an edit

I looked at your references and they are better. I don’t want references formatted like academic paper, but written in natural language like a magazine article. You have no links in the text. Your word count it too high – You will need to reduce it. The first paragraph should be about what is public relations. This is not a post on ‘everything you need to know’. The assignment asks you to concentrate on a specific aspect of your topic. This would have to be a book to have everything you need to know.

The blog post reads like a college essay and it is not in the form or writing style of a blog post. It is very academic sounding and should be written for an average reader and in a much more conversational tone. The sub-headlines need to be more lively. You need shorter paragraphs and more white space. This reads like 100% description of other people’s work. There is no analysis that I could find.

Please see the resources I have provided in Blackboard about how to write in a blog style and especially look at blog posts by Hubspot. I have a check list there of what you need to follow. The Writing Center can help you with the writing.

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