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Business Finance

I have two classes that have discussion posts that need to be done today!

1. (BUS 475: Business And Society)

Ownership and Stakeholder Theories

  • Which theory (Ownership and Stakeholder) do you feel has more of an impact on the business environment? Provide an example from current events in the past 6 months that supports your position.
  • Respond to at least one of your classmates. Do you agree or disagree with their position? Provide at least one reason that is different from what they posted.

Here’s the classmate you need to respond to:

Hello Everyone,

According to the stakeholder theory, managers are agents of all stakeholders. They have two responsibilities: to ensure that the ethical rights of no stakeholder are violated and to balance the legitimate interests of the stakeholders when making decisions. The objective is to balance profit maximization with the long-term ability of the corporation to remain a going concern. The fundamental distinction is that the stakeholder theory demands that interests of all stakeholders be considered even if it reduces company profitability. Therefore, I believe the stakeholder theory has more impact on the business environment.

For example, the Cocoa Company prides themselves in involving their stakeholders in every aspect of their business. They are committed to an ongoing stakeholder engagement as a core component of our business and sustainability strategies, their annual reporting process, and their activities around the world. They announced, “As active members of the communities where we live and work, we want to strengthen the fabric of our communities so that we can prosper together.” Cocoa engages with many of their stakeholder groups in a variety of formal and informal settings across the entire Coca-Cola system. Their engagements range from meetings with local, regional and national groups to ongoing dialogues with our bottlers, suppliers and consumers.

(BUS 380: Managing Project Teams)

Discussion 1:

“Triple Constraints.” Please respond to the following:

  • Identify a project in which you have been involved.
  • Describe how each of the triple constraint priorities was defined for that project.
  • Assess their relative importance or emphasis.
  • Evaluate whether the priorities were appropriately set and communicated.

Discussion 2:

“Benefits and Challenges of Teams.” Please respond to the following:

  • Consider the benefits and challenges linked with project teams as shown in Exhibit 1.8 of the text.
  • Assess the team contributions and determine which you think provides the biggest benefit.
  • Determine which team contribution you think is the biggest challenge.
  • Justify your choices with an example from your experience, the text, or an article.
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